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The legality of hybrids up to the fourth generation!

Author: Kuzmina Anna
Date: 08.12.2016

I would like to make an addition to my article: "Important information for you! Look out, swindlers!" about the documents on servals, caracals and their hybrids. As we have previously been only selling servals and caracals including those to be used in hybrid programs but have never ourselves produced hybrids, previous article has only a brief mention of them. Now we are engaged in their cultivationafter a deep study of the question of the legality of such kittens and who shall issue legal documents for them. We've gained information not by hearsay and rumors alike but directly in CITES State bodies. The procedure of documents issuance is the same.

It's provided by the CITES body of the country in which kittens were born, what's more – born of legitimate parents with legal proof of their origin that has nothing to do with ancestry no matter how the seller names them; wild, domesticated, hybrid or breed. When you clarify an information in the CITES body make sure you make yourself very clear: write or speak of not (Savannah f1, f2, Caracat f1, f2, etc), but a scientific name: hybrid of first (or second) generation from:

Otherwise you may be misunderstood, even though many in CITES authorities do know what the discussion is held about. Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources in their official response about hybrids from Caracal and Serval from 03.11.2016 № OD-08-03-32/22707 confirm that hybrids up to forth generation are equivalent to servals and caracals for CITES in accordance with resolution 10.17 “Hybrid Animals” (There's a reference to this resolution at the end of an article).

The list of documents for hybrids up to forth generation that must be provided by the seller is similar to one that should be provided for servals and caracals. It's worth noting that the Asian subspecies caracal (living in Asia) refer to the CITES Appendix 1, and all the other caracal and serval subspecies without exception refer to the Annex 2.

Rosprirodnadzor announces that in the process of selling these animals bred in captivity the seller gives all the documents to the buyer regarding animal purchase: contract of sale, contract of transfer, documents on legal origin of an animal and its parents, grandparents (acts of birth in captivity, animal passport, a permit or CITES certificate on mother, father or grandparents), veterinary documents and other documents if necessary.

According to a single CITES base of the Russian Federation, it's clear that they issue CITES documents/permits on servals, caracals and hybrid animals from CITES list of first and second categories. As for today no request for the documents from legal owner of serval or caracal was issued, there are no issuance of CITES. The strangest thing is that during the entire period from 2013 till present time only 2 CITES for import/export on serval and caracal has been issued. Think about how many kittens were sold illegally! And those sellers who're actively trying to convince their customers that they provide all the necessary documents for export were and still are liars. There were plenty of servals, caracals and their hybrids sold outside the Russian Federation and Ukraine, we know many customers who became hostages of this situation as their sellers assured them that the kitten they're buying is completely legal. Therefore, when kittens suddenly die or questions from the authorities about the legality of their maintenance appear, there is no one to answer them and the seller blocks and ignores the customer. There's no way to discuss the refund or the return of an animal, let alone the demands of something more...

Looking at Resalution 10.17 "gebrid animals": https://cites.org/...

European regulation. See "Application" paragraph 11: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/...

Going on the link at the bottom of the link will "download to view." There you can find a list of the recipients of the Russian Federation CITES. Many of which / whom there but only 2 servals and 2caracals , just 7 issued CITES permits for hybrid animals from the list of first and second category. regulations. See "Application" paragraph 11:http://rpn.gov.ru/opendata/...

You may not believe and doubt everything that's written and proved with links here but here's my advice to you all: before buying serval, caracal or their hybrids up to forth generation, specify all the laws and regulations in your country on this issue in CITES body and don't take on trust the information the seller gives you or rumors not to be deceived when there's nothing you can do after the act! https://www.cites.org/...

And if you're originally buying illegal animals from illegal sellers knowing you do, don't write plaintive stories in social media once problems with the law or animal health start, you've consciously taken the risk looking where to buy cheaper!

ATTENTION! Please, be aware that recently there appear the breeding nurseries-clones that use the name of VipLeo brand. In this connection I would like to warn everyone that we have no representatives in other countries, and all sellers, which names includes the name or a part of VipLeo name, have no relations to the sale of our kittens and to us! Be attentive and cautious!

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