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Author: Kuzmina Anna
Date: 01/08/2012

In Germany we passed through complete European seminar "Small cats: Serval, Caracal, Ocelot" and received European certificates on the following topics:

продажа сервала

We intentionally do not place the certificates and documents to VIPLEO site – in order to avoid copying.

We provide our buyers with the possibility to study all our documents in original that confirm the legality of purchase, breeding and commerce of our animals.

We provide our buyers with the recommendations for keeping, upbringing, feeding, vaccinations and reproduction (if an animal is purchased for breeding). All kittens of servals, caracals and ocelots are grown up professionally with the great love!

Serval  of  the  Cattery VIPLEO
Serval  of  the  Cattery VIPLEO
Serval  of  the  Cattery VIPLEO

Brief summary of information

Serval genus belongs to Small cat subfamily of Cat family and has the direct relation to large cats with their famous representatives – lions, tigers, leopards, etc.

Together with Serval this group also includes other more famous cat species such as Ocelot, Caracal or African wild cat, which is considered to be an ancestor of our today’s domestic cat.

Serval kittens for saleAs a wild cat, Serval has already been acknowledged by people as s surprisingly beautiful, gracious and useful domestic animal.

Namely thanks to its friendly behavior that resembles the dog and hunting after pests (mice, rats, etc.), these animals have long and firmly took the honorary place among favorite and useful domestic animals.

We would like to pay your special attention to the fact that Servals are very friendly and not dangerous for human.

Choosing a kitten

For a kitten to be tame, kind and tender, it should be bought at nurseries of domestic type but not at the establishments of open-air cage type keeping.

serval kittens buySince the age of 2-3 weeks a serval kitten should be in constant contact with a human, otherwise it will grow wild and it will be impossible to teach it to mutual life in the home with people.

You should buy a serval kitten when it can already eat meat on its own, is house-trained and took all necessary vaccinations.

I do not recommend buying a kitten earlier than 8 weeks, it is a large risk.

You should at once decide for yourself, whether you buy a kitten for breeding or as a pet.

If as a pet, it should be castrated in time, it is recommended at 5-7 months – otherwise there definitely will be the problems with marks. Although, castration does not guarantee that serval (female and male) will not mark the territory.

If an animal is bought for breeding – be ready that an animal will start marking its territory – both males and females.

serval kittens buyDo not purchase animals at "resellers"; they often illegally purchase animals at illegal aliens, poachers or at zoos, thereby having no official package of documents.

And it means that an animal will not be socially adapted, trained to toilet, and, perhaps, ill.

Such animals do not categorically suit for the life in the home, especially if there are children in the family.

serval kittens buyThe absence or partial absence of necessary documents, issued by official state authorities for purchase, keeping and origin of this species of animals is prohibited by the law.

Such animal is subject to exemption. Remember that Serval is included into International Red List (Second category) as "endangered species".

It is not worth buying a serval, if your children are under 5 years or if your child has not learnt to treat animals well yet.

Do not buy a serval if you have the small living area.

It is ideal for a serval to live in a private house with an attached open-air cage with free access to it.

The minimum size of an open-air cage is 15.0 sq. m, height – 2.5 m.

Feeding of Servals

Serval – a rapacious cat and needs the corresponding and special food in order to receive all vital components.

serval kittens buy
serval kittens buy
serval kittens buy

There are different variants of food ration for Serval: hen, beef, poultry (wild fowl), feed mice and rats, rabbit, fish, frogs, sometimes raw eggs. As well you can use a high quality food for cats.

In no case it is not recommended to feed with raw pork. It may cause to Aujeszky’s disease, which can be very dangerous for a cat. Salt or spices cannot be added into the ration. Take care of diverse and balanced nutrition. It is necessary to introduce vitamins and calcium into the ration of serval during 3 years.

serval kittens buy
serval kittens buy
serval kittens buy

Amount of food

serval kittens buyAn adult Serval should every day have the meat in the amount of about 3-5% from own weight.

Thus, the daily dose of meat for 10 kg Serval is 300-500 g.

A larger dose may be required to Serval during growth period.

During very hot days the appetite of the cat is not strong, while during the cold season it is much better.

As a rule, it is necessary to have one-two feedings a day. Feeding should not be held everyday at the same time as animals much settle to this time. A Serval should sometimes experience the hunger and should not in any case have the constant access to the food as it is used at some owners of cats.

The meat should be of room temperature. It is necessary to take away what have not been eaten up. It is also prohibited to leave any possible remains of the food. It is reasonable for adult servals to arrange one day of complete starvation each 8-14 days.

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serval kittens buy serval kittens buy serval kittens buy
serval kittens buy serval kittens buy serval kittens buy

Feeding the kittens

To bring up a healthy, strong and human-friendly caracal kitten, you need to invest a lot of time, patience and knowledge into this process.

куплю котят сервала в Украине
Serval of Cattery VIPLEO
Grandchildren of Cattery VIPLEO

The kitten’s health depends on the quality of milk consumed. It should contain all the required supplements of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, the milk should be at the right temperature in accordance with the kitten’s age. Amount of serving is important as well.

If you do not follow these rules, the kitten will grow up with the signs of rickets, gastrointestinal and other diseases, which subsequently can lead to its death. Therefore, it is important to lay the foundations for its good health and development from a very young age.

Tummy massage

Why do people massage serval and caracal kittens’ tummy since childhood?

Due to the fact that kittens are fed with a premix, and a mother-cat does not have an opportunity to lick the kitten’s tummy, this role must be performed by the human mother. By massaging baby kitten's tummy as often as possible, we help the kitten to empty its intestines as well as pass gases properly and regularly. This procedure is of great help to the kitten. Besides, this process helps to establish contact between a human and the kitten; the baby kitten completely trusts the human, relaxes and often falls asleep in his arms. I like this process and get great pleasure from it. When the kitten is falling asleep, I try to postpone everything and sit nearby keeping his dream.

Kitten stimulation and why it is necessary

The main task of a responsible breeder is to raise a healthy and affectionate kitten, who loves people. To do this, you must not lose time and take it away from its cat-mother at the right time, start feeding it with the proper quality milk every two hours gradually increasing the intervals.

During this period, kittens cannot even urinate and defecate on their own. They should be taught to do it by their breeder as their human mother. Only when kittens are one month old, they first begin to urinate, and then to defecate on their own. Up to this point, it is necessary to stimulate kittens. The video shows an example of kitten stimulation.

The nature and behavior of Servals

An owner should take into account that fact that Servals are playful, communicative and intelligent animals.

Playing with a serval – it is both the communication and education at the same time.

Hunting games with a pendent and a ball are always favorite ones. The classes can be as long as they are interesting to Servals.

They like bathing, running after a ball, taking it to you, walk well on the leash.

They resemble dogs due to character in games but thereby they have the cat’s gracefulness.

They purr and smooch at the same time. Their meowing sounds like a pleasant and not loud twitter of a bird. When servals are tired of running – they breathe hard with the open mouth as a dog.

These animals will fit both to lovers of cats and lovers of dogs.

They were called "cat-dog" for such unusual temper, which is inherent to cats and dogs.

serval kittens buy
serval kittens buy

Servals go to toilet to a litter box, thereby leaving the excrements on the surface of absorbent and not digging them as domestic cats.

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selling kittens serval, ocelot and caracal selling kittens serval, ocelot and caracal selling kittens serval, ocelot and caracal

Our servals sleep in the beds with us and our children. They are not aggressive even to foreigners. But if a cat got used only to its family and it has no experience in communication with other people, it will not most probably come to their hands.

A serval will be afraid and run away but if you drive it into a corner at the same time – it will start spitting. If after that a foreigner does not retreat and continues stretching the hands to a serval – a cat will start struggling with a pawn. The animal on its own will never make a dart to a human.

selling kittens serval, ocelot and caracalIf you like it to communicate without problems with foreigners, it should be trained to society: to communicate and to play with different people as often as possible.

They get along well with domestic cats and dogs.

A Serval should not be pushed to anything or punished. It is a clever and noble animal and will remember the offence during the whole life.

Once again on scent marking by servals

This is one of our few servals, sold as a pet. As a child, it grew up extremely affectionate, loved to sit on our knees, be caressed and rubbed against our legs all the time. He was neutered at about 4 months. To 1 year 4 months old everything was all right, but nature showed itself despite the age. During puberty, the serval started to mark his territory. Fortunately, he lives in a private house, and there is a possibility to allocated it a spare room and an enclosure for walking... I cannot even imagine what would have happened if it had been sold to an apartment!!! I conducted a survey among many people who have servals (both females and males) as pets/neutered. They were purchased from different vendors and, unfortunately, many were sold to live in apartments. It makes me very sad, since servals’ scent marking cannot be compared to a common cats’ marking...

I decided to write this post after I was approached by two men within the last month with the same request to place servals/neutered with heavy scent-marking somewhere. People could not live with them in apartments anymore. Please, if you want to take serval to an apartment, examine this issue and be prepared to the fact that castration may not solve the problem with scent-marking. Believe me, an apartment is not a place for a serval! You must have a house with the opportunity to create proper conditions. You need to realize that the male/female cat can still start scent marking at any time.

Socialization of serval kittens from birth

Let me tell you a little about the need for early communication of a kitten with people.

It is better to be in contact with them from the first days of their life, if possible. However, if the mother-cat does not admit you to kittens, then you can start upon transfer of a kitten to the premix (feeding with milk from a bottle by the human). On average, it happens on the 10th day of life (2-3 days less or more). From that moment, the human mother takes full responsibility for the life of a kitten: she is feeding it, massaging the tummy, stimulating the emptying, carries it in her arms, and teaches. And all is done round the clock, seven days a week! By the 4th week of life, it will get easier, since the night feeding interval becomes longer, and you can sleep for about 6 hours.

Our kids can feed kittens, too. This is very helpful when there are a lot of kittens in a litter or multiple litters. Having prepared the right amount of milk at the right temperature, my children and I are simultaneously feeding several kittens. It is also very important that our children are very helpful in the socialization of kittens; they also know how to handle them properly when they are young. Therefore, by the time of transferring kittens to a customer, they are not afraid of people, but rather trust, love and always follow them. Proper socialization of kittens from an early age is the basic thing, without which it is impossible to grow a caracal or a serval, who would love and would not be afraid of people.

Games and toys

It is necessary to watch that the toys would not be dangerous to health of animal. Most usual cat’s toys are not suitable for Serval; they are very small and fragile for them. Plastic and foam balls are also dangerous as their parts may be swallowed. It’s better to take hard natural toys for dogs.

buy kittens serval, ocelot and caracal
buy kittens serval, ocelot and caracal

One rule is valid for all games: the toys are given for some time and then they are hidden – otherwise they lose the interest to them.

Servals are very curious and thus they are always glad if something new appears for study. The old toys will again become interesting in a few days. It will always like a potato, apple, a plastic bottle. You can play with caracal using only the toys but not a hand or leg. Hands are only for petting!

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buy kittens serval, ocelot and caracal buy kittens serval, ocelot and caracal buy kittens serval, ocelot and caracal

We in the media

ТСН, UA - Кошеня вартістю з автомобіль. Канал "1+1" - февраль, 2019

TSN on the "1+1" channel dated by 16/02/2019. The episode tells about our VIPLEO® nursery in Kyiv and our graduate, a caracal, who now lives in Kharkiv. Another serval in the episode, which is told about by another person, is not our graduate. It was bought from another vendor.

In general, I am quite satisfied with the issue. It was made brief and without rose-tinted glasses. The shooting process was very smooth, long and covered a lot of interesting things. Naturally, not all interesting shots can be included in the news program. One can shoot these cats and tell about them for hours, but the air time is limited, unfortunately... I would like to thank the "1+1" channel and journalists for filming!

We provide all, who wish to buy a kitten at our VIPLEO CATTERY, with the detailed information, based not only on our knowledge and our personal experience but the experience of famous European domestic nurseries in breeding Servals during 15-19 years exclusively in the families to live with people.

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